Meet the Ignas team

  • Alexander_headshot
    Alexander Johonnuson, CEO and co-founder. Product design engineer and tech innovator.

    With strong experience in engineering R&D, manufacturing, and a passion for healthcare innovation, I founded Ignas to tackle one of the most pressing issues in healthcare today: healthcare-acquired infections. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and high-tech hardware, our patented medical device aims to revolutionize hand hygiene compliance in healthcare settings. On the business front, I spearhead our fundraising efforts, including securing research and development grants. My role also involves forging strategic partnerships with healthcare organizations and investors, positioning Ignas as a leader in the medtech space.

  • Helga_headshot
    Helga Sigurjonsdottir, CSMO and co-founder. Sales expert and tech innovator.

    With a unique background that combines nursing expertise and experience in health and medtech sales and marketing, I play a crucial role in shaping our company's vision and strategy. My deep understanding of healthcare challenges and market dynamics is a cornerstone of our mission to combat healthcare-acquired infections. From a business development perspective, I lead our go-to-market strategy, identifying key markets and customer segments. I also oversee our sales and marketing campaigns, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize reach and impact. My role is instrumental in building customer relationships and establishing a strong brand presence in the healthcare sector.